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The origin of Arab people

Arab people are a member of a Semitic people, originally from Arabian Peninsula and neighboring territories, inhabiting much of the Middle East and North Africa.

According to the scholarly consensus, the earliest datable occurrence of the term ‘Arab’ is an Assyrian inscription of the 9th century BC.

The present Arabians are sprung from two stocks, Qahtan, the same with Joctan the son of Eiber, and Adnan descended in a direct line from Ismael the son of Abraham and Hajar.

The sacred of Islam, Al-Quran, traces the roots of the Arab people back to Abraham through Ismael. According to the tradition, Abraham and Ismael built the sacred sanctuary (Kaabah) the present pilgrimage in Mecca.

It is often concluded that Ismael’s descendants moved to the area already occupied by previous Arabs.

The Ismaelites began to have Arab descendants, had inherited the majority of Abraham’s land.

Some Arab historians often trace their heritage back to the time of Joctan, Peleg’s brother.

The Arabians were for some centuries under the government of the descendants of Qahtan; Yahrab, one of his sons, founding the kingdom of Yaman and Jorham, another of them that of Hijaz.
The origin of Arab people

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