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Amorite king of Babylon: Hammurabi

Hammurabi was a King of Babylonia in the 18th century BC. He grew up in ancient Mesopotamia. After his father died, Hammurabi became king. A famous code of laws is attributed to him.

Regarded as one of the greatest and most influential rulers of the ancient world, Hammurabi is thought to have come to the throne of Babylon in about 1792 BC. He was the sixth king of the First Dynasty of Babylonia and ruled for nearly 55 years.

Babylon during that period of time was a commercial center for most of the known and civilized world.

Hammurabi wanted to control more land. He wanted to rule all the city-states of Mesopotamia. After a protracted battle for dominance with a neighboring kingdom centered on the city-state of Larsa, Hammurabi was able to extend his influence over majority of the southern portion of Mesopotamia.

Following his success in the south, Hammurabi turned his attention north and within a few years, had attained mastery over all Mesopotamia.

After the reign of Hammurabi, Babylon passed into the hands of people called the Kassites, who ruled Babylon from about 1600 to 1150 BC. Then, in the seventh century BC, the Assyrians captured and sacked the city.
Amorite king of Babylon: Hammurabi

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