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Who is Zarathustra?

The early Greeks considered him a very ancient prophet and place him around 6000 BC.

Based on literary evidence Zarathustra lived 258 years before Alexander. This means he was active in 588 BC. Some scholars propose the dates 628-551 BC for Zarathustra’s life.

According to Pahlavi tradition, Zarathustra’s family name was Spitama. He was the son of Pouroushsapa, who owned many horses. His mother was Dughdova, a milkmaid from the clan of the Hvogavs.

Their house was by the banks of the river Dareja in Airyanem-Vaejah, where also flowed the river Daitya.

For 10 years Zarathustra meditated on life’s problems. He attained enlightenment on Mount Ushi-daren and returned to the world of men to teach the new faith.

Zarathustra believed in a supreme deity, Ahura Mazda, the Lord of Truth. Ahura Mazda gave birth to twin entities, the good spirit and the evil spirit.

Zarathustra is said to have married Havovi, the daughter of Frashaoshtra, a minster at the Bactrian court; the couple has six children. For the next 30 years Zarathustra continued his missionary activities.

His prophetic mission lasted the rest of his life, receiving and delivering the divine message to those who would listen.

When he was 77 year old, while praying at the fire temple at Balkh (in modern Kabul), he was stabbed by an assassin from Iraq.
Who is Zarathustra?

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