Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Book of Genesis

Generis means origin or generation. It is the first book of the Old Testament, written by Moses (before 4000 BC).

It tells of the creation, the fall, the flood the origins of the Hebrews and the early patriarchs with whom God made his Covenant.

Genesis falls in to three main parts: the primeval history of chapters, 1-11, the patriarchal stories of 12-36 and 38 and the stories of Joseph in 37 and 39-50.

The first part is the story of the human race as a whole from the beginnings to the rise of the nations. A genealogy from Noah to Abraham connects this part with history of the patriarch.

In chapters 12-25 it focuses on the life and descendents of Abraham, the primogenitor of both the Hebrew people, first called Jews while exile in Babylon in the fifth an sixth centuries BC and the Arab peoples.
Book of Genesis
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