Monday, June 05, 2017

King Solomon

King Solomon, the son and successor of King David, ruled over the united kingdom of Judah (Judea) and Israel between 970 and 930 BC.

Saul (d. 1005) BC is traditionally regarded as the first king of the Israelites. His successor, David (d.970 BC), brought together both the southern and northern parts of Israel, thereby creating the first united Israelite kingdom.
After him, King Solomon brought the united kingdom to an unprecedented level of wealth and power. King Solomon maintained his dominions with military strength and established Israelite colonies to handle military, administrative and commercial matters. The crowning achievement of his vast building program was the famous Temple at his capital Jerusalem.

He introduced taxation, which enabled his to finance a massive building programme. One of the Solomon’s most famous acts was the building of a temple in Jerusalem where the Israelites could worship and practice the sacrifice of animals to their God.
King Solomon
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