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Ancient city of Sidon

The Phoenicians were the descendents of Canaan, the grandson of Noah, and occupied a tract of country, which was bounded on the north and east by Syria, on the south by Judea and on the west by the Mediterranean. The Phoenicians earned the reputation of being the best seamen in the world.

Phoenicia was divided into several small kingdoms, of which the most considerable were those of Sidon, Tyre, and Arad. Sidon was a major seaport with two deep harbors. In Homer also (1000-800 BC) frequent mention is made of the merchants and skilful artist of Sidon.

Sidon, the eldest son of Canaan, founded the city which bore his name. While Eustathius declares that Sidon was built by Belus and named after his daughter Side.

In the ninth century Sidon, which had become a vassal of Tyre, resumed her independence, but Assyria had now in 880 BC stretched her hand over Phoenicia and in 842 BC both sites, Tyre and Sidon including northern kingdom of Israel paid their tribute.

Despite its woes at the hands of the Assyrians, Sidon remained a wealthy and prosperous city, until Sidonians became tired of paying tribute and rebelled. In 679-8 BC Sidon revolted against Assyria and was destroyed.

In the early sixth century BC Sidon got caught in the middle of a dispute between Egypt and Babylonia and in 587 BC it was captures by Nebuchadnezzar.

In the Persian period, Sidon have been the main and the most prosperous of the Phoenician cities, but later suffered from the aftermaths of the Tennes revolt in 351 BC.

Three times the city of Sidon was captured by the Crusaders and three times it was captured by the Muslim armies.
Ancient city of Sidon
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