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Badarian culture in Egypt

The prehistory of Egypt is divided into five periods, known as

The names being taken from the villages near which the principle finds were first identified. When the Badarian culture was discovered, it was found to precede the Amretean.

It was called Badarian because it was identified as al-Badari, near the town of Sohaq in Middle Egypt. It appeared at least by 4400-4000 BC, and perhaps even earlier.

Badarian settlements appear to have been impermanent, but remains of larger more enduring settlements on natural levees on the banks of the Nile may have been discovered by accumulated silt or scoured away by the river.

There are evidence from Badarian settlements shows that the economy of the culture was primarily based on agriculture and husbandry. Among the contents of storage facilities, wheat, barley, lentils and tubers have been found.

Fishing was certainly very important and they fished the Nile extensively. The plastic arts began to be practiced, most notably in human figurine. Badarian pottery features exceptional thinness of its walls, unequaled in subsequent of Egyptians history.

A number of circular constructions at Hammamiya, previously identified as houses, most probably represent small animal enclosures.

The typical Badarian grave was an oval or rectangular pit roofed over with sticks or matting. Graves contained one or more bodies, loosely contracted on their left side, head south.

The body was covered with mats or hides and food and other offerings were place in the graves.
Badarian culture in Egypt

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