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History of Medina Saudi Arabia

During the pre-Islamic period up until 622 AD, the city was known as Yathrib, an oasis city. There is a consensus in the Arabic sources that ‘Yathrib’ was the name of a man from among the descendants of Noah and that this man founded this city and is it was named after him.

Yathrib name occurs once in the Quran. Iathrippa is found in Ptolemy and Stephanus Byzantinus and Ythrib in Minaean inscription.

The tribe of Ubail from which came Yathrib, belonged to the large tribe of Amalekites. They were from the descendants of ‘Amliq bin Laud bin Shem bin Noah.

They are in the area of Babylon and then they spread to different areas throughout the Arabian Gulf and some of them took up residence in the place known as Yathrib.

In addition to its Arab inhabitants, Yathrib was inhabited by Jewish refugees. They were the descendants of emigrants who came from Palestine. They expecting the coming of a prophet as foretold in their books, in the second century AD.

Some of Jews came as emigrants after Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Kingdom of Judea and liked many of the Jews and enslaved many of them this took placed 586 years before start of the Christian Era.

Prophet Muhammad arrived in Medina on 24 September 622 AD, the date that is now the first day of the Islamic calendar.

Later the city's name was changed to Madīnat an-Nabiy or Al-Madīnatu'l-Munawwarah. The word madina as a common noun occurs ten times in the Quran and the plural mada’in three times, all in stories of former prophets.

Muhammad stayed in Medina for seven years building his strength and debilitating his enemies by plundering the caravans sent north by the merchants in Mecca as they passed by Medina en route to the Mediterranean and Asia Minor.
History of Medina Saudi Arabia
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